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The Erismann wallcovering company has been producing wallpaper for almost 180 years. Essential principle of Erismann factory is to keep abreast of the times, that is why only innovational technologies are used in production. Currently, 5 up-to-date printed lines, made by German manufacturer Olbtrich are used in production. Such technology allows to create the most sophisticated wallpaper effects.

There are various types of printing, used at Erismann factory: template, flexographic, rotogravure. A flexographic printing technology allows to create highly-accurate images, rotogravure allows to reflect minute particulars.

All production corresponds to the highest standards, owing to advanced technologies and high quality primary goods usage.

The Erismann wallcovering company forges ahead, continues to improve, introduces modern technologies and develops wallpaper production, resulted in continuous volume increase.

Moreover, The Erismann wallcovering company always follows modern trends in design and interior environment. Every year company participate in major international exhibitions like MosBuild and HeimTextil. HeimTextil is the largest European exhibition in the area of interior design. The exhibition creates guidelines for designers for the entire year.

The Erismann wallcovering company demonstrates premier collections, introduce a wide array of choices to wholesale and retail specialists, designers and project organizations.

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